Exercises from the Book

There are exercises at the end of each chapter of The Working Dad’s Survival Guide. However, those who purchased the ebook or audio book are unable to have paper copies to complete the exercises. Further, even those with a physical book will need to revisit these exercises every few months. You can download the exercises from the book here.

But first, one quick caveat. These exercises are the copyrighted material of Scott Behson and Motivational Press. These are allowed ONLY for those who have purchased a copy of The Working Dad’s Survival Guide, and cannot be used for profit or to be given to anyone who did not purchase the book.  This means no training sessions or workshops or other use WITHOUT MY CONSENT. Happily, I’m a nice guy, so just reach out and contact me at ScottBehson @ gmail . com and we can discuss. With that, here are the exercises:

Chapter 1 Exercises

Chapter 2 Exercises

Chapters 3 and 11 Exercises

Chapter 4 Exercises

Chapter 5 Exercises

Chapter 6 Exercises

Chapter 7 Exercises

Chapter 8 Exercises

Chapter 9 Exercises

Chapter 10 Exercises

Chapter 12 Exercises