Other Publications

I have written in a wide range of business, parenting, news and popular press outlets, including Harvard Business Review, Time, the Wall Street Journal, Quartz, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Ask Men, Good Men Project, and many more.

Recent Articles: Quartz, Washington Post, Buzzfeed

  • Quartz- Give dads a gift they can really use this Father’s Day: paternity leave
  • Washington Post “On Parenting”- What my millennial students taught me about work life balance and why we should all listen
  • Buzzfeed- 11 Ways Dads Can Successfully Juggle Work And Family

Harvard Business Review Online

I have written ten articles for HBR:

My articles are among the most widely read and shared articles on HBR’s website, which itself is the 17th most shared website in the US.

Time- 5 Things You Should Know About Working Dads

Wall Street Journal

Huffington Post 

I am a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, where my work appears on both the Business and Parents sections. Some of my favorites include:

Good Men Project

I am a proud to be a regular contributor to the Good Men Project online men’s magazine, where I have written dozens of features for the Dads & Families section, plus occasional articles for their Marriage, Good Life and Sports sections. GMP contains thought-provoking writing on a wide variety of topics of interest to men- dating, work, family, marriage, fatherhood, pop culture, etc.

Some of my favorites include:

Other Publications

– AskMen, a lifestyle magazine for dads, in which I wrote: Involved Fatherhood: We Need to Start Giving Active Dads More Credit.

– Salary.com. I am a semi-regular contributor for the leading web site for job seekers and salary information.

– D.A. Wolf’s really smart, fun and informative lifestyle blog Daily Plate of Crazy. I am happy to be the first male regular contributor to this site. Click here for a list of my articles.

– WiseCareers.com, where I have written a series of articles about work-life considerations for job seekers and career planning

– As part of my day job as a Business School Professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University, I have 17 peer-review journal publications, have won several research awards, and have presented over 40 times at prestigious national and international conferences (please note that my writing at FWF is my own and does not necessarily represent the views of FDU). I also wrote about working fathers for the FDU alumni magazine, “Double Duty Dads.”

I am a proud member of the Dad Bloggers network, where you can follow the work of 1,000+ fatherhood bloggers on facebook: