About Us

Hi, I’m Richard Ross, the author of Working Dad’s Survival Guide. 

I’m a happy father of two and a full-time working dad. Sounds exhausting, right? Not to me; there’s nothing better than being present in my children’s lives, and I’m here to help you feel the same way!

My blog has helped thousands of people lose weight, gain more energy, improve their relationships, find peace of mind and overcome life’s biggest challenges. I hope it helps turn your life around too!

More About Me

I have a background in food nutrition and chemistry that helps me get a fresh take on the food we eat daily. 

My Master of Public Health degree in Nutrition from the University of North Carolina’s Gillings School of Global Public Health and my experience as a chemist help me understand how our body handles food and its impact on our life. 

I’ve taught people coaching lessons and have given them nutrition classes for the past seven years, helping them become confident in themselves and take control of their lives.

Ready to Change Your Life?

I believe that the food we eat shapes our lives, and we have a choice in the matter. 

My mission is to help people realize that so they choose to live happier and healthier lives by keeping in check what they eat. 

Not only does it help your body, but it helps your mind too. You’ll feel more active, motivated, and willing to do great things. 

My blog is the perfect place for working dads so they learn how to balance work, kids, and life. From coffees to intermittent fasting, this blog has all the help you’ll ever need. 

Feel Free To Contact Me

Please contact me directly if you want advice or need a coach to help you with your struggles. Like the various people I’ve helped, you can also turn your life around.