Is Banana A Citrus Fruit?

banana and orange slices on a plate

Have you ever wondered if bananas are considered a citrus fruit? Nope, they are not. But if you want to know why, let’s peel back the layers and explore this question together. Bananas are a fascinating fruit that we enjoy year-round, but they are often mistaken for being a citrus fruit due to their similar … Read more

Are Rambutan Seeds Edible?

hand holding rambutan fruits

As a lover of exotic fruit, I was excited to try rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum L) for the first time. With its spiky exterior and sweet, juicy flesh, it was everything I had hoped for. However, my excitement quickly turned to panic when I accidentally bit down on a seed. Was it poisonous? Would I experience … Read more

Is Pineapple A Citrus Fruit?

Pineapple, a succulent and nutritious tropical fruit, frequently draws comparisons to citrus fruits because of its sweet and tangy flavor, yet it doesn’t belong to the citrus family – continue reading to discover more about this delectable fruit. Pineapple, scientifically known as Ananas comosus, is a popular tropical fruit native to South America. This fact … Read more

Does Banana Have Seeds?

cavendish bananas on a kitchen counter

Indeed, bananas contain seeds. These seeds are tiny, black in color, and located at the fruit’s core. Bananas, an elongated edible fruit, are produced by herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa, making them technically a berry. In terms of anatomy, bananas have three primary parts: the skin or peel, which is rich in fiber … Read more

Does Pineapple Have Seeds?

Pineapples can sometimes develop small black seeds beneath their skin, however, not all fruits will have these seeds. Pineapples, the spiky and sweet tropical fruit native to South America, can indeed produce seeds. However, it’s fairly uncommon for the average grocery store pineapple to contain these tiny black seeds, as explained in article by the … Read more