RYZE Mushroom Coffee Review

In search of a morning cup that won’t leave you with the jitters coffee often brings? Take a look at RYZE, a mushroom coffee alternative free from the typical drawbacks. This mushroom-infused coffee not only avoids those unwanted side effects but is also loaded with numerous health advantages.

I’m a single dad, and this is my RYZE mushroom coffee review. As an avid coffee drinker, I was surprised to find RYZE different from my usual cup as it gave me an energy boost but also helped me relax.

I will discuss the many benefits of medicinal mushroom use and some disadvantages in this RYZE coffee review. Also, I’ll go through all-natural mushroom ingredients, the best part of the RYZE coffee drink. Let’s get started. 

What is RYZE Mushroom Coffee?

RYZE is a mushroom coffee drink that can “heal your body and mind.” It’s made with adaptogenic mushroom extracts that reduce stress and support the immune system. Adaptogenic mushrooms are a popular health trend in the coffee world thanks to their numerous benefits.

These functional mushrooms are different from cooking and hallucinogenic “magic” mushrooms. The latter is not present in the RYZE powder drink mix, so it won’t alter your perception and ability to perform physically and mentally. Because of RYZE shroom coffee’s adaptogenic ingredients, you’ll feel calmer and more focused on your daily tasks.

RYZE mushroom coffee is also one of the best-tasting coffee alternatives. It has a smooth and creamy taste that coffee lovers will appreciate. Unfortunately, it is not caffeine-free but contains less than half the caffeine content compared to regular coffee.

What are the ingredients in RYZE?

RYZE contains six top adaptogenic mushroom ingredients. Let’s cover each one and how these can help you promote a healthy body and mind.

  • Cordyceps – humans initially discovered this mushroom 2000 years ago in the Himalayas. Cordyceps can promote oxygenation and helps sustain the body’s energy.

Cordyceps is a very potent antioxidant. It promotes physical stamina, decreases fatigue, and can help with lung conditions such as asthma and bronchitis.

  • Lion’s Mane – Lion’s mane has been a part of traditional medicines for centuries. Buddhist monks preferred Lion’s mane to improve focus and to enhance purpose in their daily meditations and studies. This mushroom will calm you down but still help you focus and remain alert.

Lion’s mane can improve memory, focus, and concentration. This is due to its natural ability to stimulate the growth of the brain’s neural networks.

  • Reishi Mushroom – Considered a superfood, Reishi mushroom is part of eastern traditional medicine. It has been used for centuries to promote health and relieve stress. Reishi mushrooms are believed to be the “mushroom of immortality.”

Reishi mushroom has an incredible natural ability to reduce stress and promote good sleep. So if you’re anxious and your negative thoughts keep you awake at night, RYZE can help you fall asleep and prepare for the next day.

Some experts claim that Reishi mushrooms can help fight cancer. It can slow down tumor growth and preserve overall health. 

  • Turkey Tail – this mushroom is known for its close resemblance to a turkey’s tail hence the name. It is helpful for digestive system health because of its antimicrobial properties. It protects the gut from digestive issues, including indigestion, growth of colon tumors, and much more.

Turkey’s tail also promotes a healthy mind as it can ease symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. In addition, it can ease depression and relieve stress so you can function with no worries each day.

  • Shiitake – Aside from being one of the most widely preferred mushrooms for delectable Eastern dishes, shiitake mushrooms are also medicinal. It can keep viruses away because of its exceptional anti-inflammatory properties.

Shiitake mushroom has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor properties. In addition, this mushroom can enhance bone density to keep your bones strong and resilient to stress. Use shiitake mushrooms to keep you healthy and fit with RYZE mushroom coffee.

  • King Trumpet – the King Trumpet mushroom is another healthy mushroom with outstanding therapeutic qualities. It is high in amino acids and antioxidants, which can fight inflammation and promote immunity.

King Trumpet is a heart-friendly mushroom. It can prevent stroke and heart attacks by reducing cholesterol levels. This antioxidant-rich mushroom is part of the best mushroom coffees, and it’s one of the key ingredients in RYZE.

Aside from RYZE Organic Mushroom Blend, it also contains organic MCT oil and Arabica coffee beans. MCT is short for medium chain triglycerides, a tremendous energy source with many unique benefits. For example, MCT oil has antibacterial properties; it can reduce bacterial growth and curb inflammation.

MCT oil can also protect the heart and strengthen it to prevent cardiovascular issues. It can also help with diabetes by managing blood sugar levels naturally. Another fantastic benefit of MCT is its positive effects on epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. MCT oil’s great benefits make it an excellent ingredient in RYZE mushroom coffee.

Arabica coffee is a choice of coffee connoisseurs. It has more lipids and sugar than other coffees, which makes it more flavorful and less bitter. Many positive customer reviews reflect that flavor is something to look forward to when making a cup of RYZE mushroom coffee.

What are the benefits of RYZE?

RYZE mushroom coffee has a lot of great benefits for the body and mind. This coffee alternative can help you reduce caffeine or find a healthier, better option than drinking traditional caffeinated drinks. Here are some of the benefits of RYZE.

Improves immunity and keeps sickness at bay

RYZE contains medicinal mushrooms that can promote immunity by warding off disease-causing viruses and bacteria. These medicinal shrooms can also stimulate the immune system, which improves the body’s immune response.

It is also loaded with antioxidants that help protect the body from various health issues and slow aging. In addition, this mushroom coffee also has anti-tumor or anti-cancer effects.

Enhances focus and promotes brain health

Compared to regular coffee, RYZE mushroom coffees have less caffeine, and thus, you can focus on different activities better. As a result, you’ll have better and sharper focus, which you need in the morning when you complete tasks at work and home. But at the same time, RYZE encourages a good night’s sleep so you can be ready to perform the next day.

Another impressive benefit of RYZE is that it can improve cognitive functions by repairing and regenerating neurons. This is why it’s recommended for people suffering from cognitive degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and seizures.

Improves energy levels minus the jittery effects

Do you still remember the effects of regular coffee? You used to feel energetic and lively, but the side effects, like the jitters, were too much to handle. So, naturally, you would need more robust coffee during days when you feel you don’t have any energy to spare. And, of course, this leads to more jitters and amplified side effects!

You get none of these in RYZE mushroom coffee. Instead, RYZE can help you focus without anxious thoughts or jitters. This coffee has stress-regulating, adaptogenic mushrooms that keeps you in control. As a result, you’ll have a steady focus all day with RYZE.

Improves digestion and prevents issues

RYZE mushroom coffee is made from medicinal mushrooms that have prebiotic effects. This is important for digestive system health as prebiotics keep the gut free from harmful bacteria. So if you frequently suffer from indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive issues, RYZE mushroom coffee can help you prevent these issues and live healthier and better every day.

It provides multi-organ health benefits because of its high antioxidant levels.

RYZE mushroom coffee is made from medicinal mushrooms rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Mushrooms like Reishi have nutrients that can prevent liver and blood sugar problems. It also promotes heart health and can help people with high blood pressure.

RYZE has antimicrobial, antiviral, and antioxidants that can promote the body’s natural defense against sickness and various diseases.

What are the side effects of RYZE?

RYZE mushroom coffee is safe to use regularly. However, some people encounter side effects while drinking this coffee product.

The most common side effect of RYZE is an allergic reaction. Some people are allergic to some of the ingredients of RYZE mushroom coffee, such as its adaptogenic mushrooms, MCT oils, etc. Allergic reactions range from digestive issues to difficulty breathing, rashes, and dizziness.

Some people experience digestive problems like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pains, but these are minor effects that are overlooked because of RYZE’s outstanding benefits to health.

RYZE mushroom coffee does not have any hallucinogenic effects because it is made from medicinal mushrooms, not magic mushrooms that cause hallucinations and altered perception.

How does RYZE taste?

RYZE mushroom coffee tastes like bold and rich coffee. There’s no weird taste because of its mushroom components. The taste of Arabica coffee still prevails in every cup but with no coffee side effects.

Ways to drink RYZE

RYZE mushroom coffee is served hot in a cup or mug. But aside from the comfort of a healthy hot beverage, you can also use RYZE in different recipes, such as the following:

  • Iced Mushroom Coffee Latte
  • RYZE Hazelnut Cocoa Bliss Balls
  • Mushroom Coffee Nut Butter Bowl
  • Mushroom Breakfast Muffins
  • Mushroom Coffee Pancakes
  • Mushroom Coffee Smoothie Bowl
  • Mushroom Coffee Brownie Cookies
  • Mushroom Coffee Chia Pudding
  • Whipped Strawberry Mushroom Coffee
  • White Chocolate Mushroom Frappe
  • RYZE Breakfast Bars
  • Mushroom Chocolate Pudding

And many more!

Does RYZE work?

Don’t just take my word for it. According to people who have used RYZE mushroom coffee, they have experienced amazing positive effects such as:

  • Improved energy levels
  • Enhanced focus
  • Digestive system health
  • Improved immunity

The company carefully selected the organic adaptogenic mushrooms in RYZE coffee for their fantastic health benefits. These mushrooms have specific health benefits that can relieve various physical and mental health.

Also, RYZE mushroom coffee is keto, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and paleo-friendly. You should consider these crucial things when choosing a healthy cup of coffee.


MUD\WTR is an excellent alternative to RYZE. It’s a mushroom coffee alternative made from safe and organic USDA-certified ingredients. This mushroom drink is one of the best-tasting, healthy coffee alternatives available.

MUD\WTR comes in two varieties: Rise and rest. The MUD\WTR: Rise is made of organic ingredients, and the taste is almost similar to masala chai and hot chocolate. This is a morning cup of mushroom coffee, and therefore, you’ll experience more energy, increased focus, and improved immunity without the crash, dependency, and other coffee side effects. Medicinal mushrooms in a serving of Rise include Lion’s mane, Chaga, Reishi, and cordyceps. It also has turmeric, sea salt, and cinnamon for improved flavor and medicinal effects.

Meanwhile, the MUD\WTR: rest is for a good night’s sleep. Rest tastes like a blend of rooibos chai and cinnamon, but the feeling is so overwhelming that you’ll feel like you’re so relaxed and ready to fall asleep. Rest comprises natural herbs, spices, minerals, and medicinal mushrooms. It has turkey tail and reishi mushrooms, rooibos tea extracts, valerian root extracts, Ceylon cinnamon, passionflower extracts, Ashwagandha root extracts, turmeric, chamomile extracts, and lucuma fruit powder.

MUD\WTR is made in the USA. It is packed fresh from manufacturing facilities in the USA. Using MUD\WTR as an alternative to traditional coffee is about taking the suitable mushroom coffee that matches your needs. You can read more in my full MUD WTR review.

Price & where to buy

RYZE mushroom coffee in 30 servings is available from its official website, ryzesuperfoods.com, and you can also purchase this coffee alternative from other online sources. You may also chance upon this coffee brand from a local mushroom coffee specialty store.

RYZE costs $30 for 30 servings. That’s $1 per serving. Please expect the prices from other online outlets to be higher than buying from its store. When you buy RYZE from its official site, you will get free items like a free handmade acacia spoon and free gratitude journal app access. Buy online from the RYZE store and also enjoy free shipping.


Does RYZE have coffee in it?

Yes, RYZE has coffee in it. It is made from adaptogenic mushrooms and organic Arabica coffee. But don’t worry about the caffeine in RYZE, as a cup of their mushroom coffee contains only 48 mg of caffeine. This is less than half the caffeine found in regular coffee.

How much caffeine is in a cup of RYZE?

As I’ve mentioned, RYZE mushroom coffee comes with 48 mg of caffeine from its organic Arabica coffee ingredient. This amount of caffeine does not cause the classic jittery feeling; instead, you will feel calm, focused, and relaxed with RYZE coffee.

Is RYZE coffee acidic?

No, RYZE coffee is not acidic. According to its official site, RYZE mushroom coffee is low-acidity coffee and, thus, will not stimulate digestive issues. RYZE will keep your digestive system calm, so you won’t have to worry about indigestion, diarrhea, and constipation.

Can you mix RYZE with coffee?

I don’t recommend mixing RYZE with regular coffee, as this defeats your purpose of using a healthy coffee alternative. Also, the high amounts of caffeine in regular coffee will increase because of RYZE’s caffeine content, and thus, you may experience untoward effects.

But if you were to use decaffeinated coffee, then there would be no problem mixing RYZE with your regular cup.

Are There Any Known Side Effects of RYZE Mushroom Coffee?

Are There Any Known Side Effects of RYZE Mushroom Coffee? While RYZE Mushroom Coffee has gained popularity for its unique blend, it is important to understand potential mushroom coffee side effects. While generally safe, some individuals may experience digestive discomfort, headaches, or allergic reactions. It’s always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before adding any new product to your routine.

Final Words

All single dads who have experience fatigue, low energy levels, and lack of focus will benefit from RYZE mushroom coffee. It comes with a whole pack of top adaptogenic and medicinal mushrooms, which can improve your physical and mental health.

Also, if you’re looking for a delicious coffee alternative, I know you won’t miss coffee when you drink RYZE mushroom coffee. It has a rich and enticing flavor, a great cup with fantastic health benefits. So get yours from RYZE’s official website, and while you’re there, learn more about what mushroom coffee can do for you.

Rich Ross

Rich is a divorced father of two. He holds a Master of Public Health degree in Nutrition from the University of North Carolina’s Gillings School of Global Public Health. A former chemist, Richard has been offering private coaching sessions for more than 7 years. His mission is to help people live happier, healthier lives by showing them that they have power to choose what they eat and how they feel about themselves.