Does Sparkling Water Break a Fast?


Fasting is seen as an effective strategy for losing weight. Adopting the appropriate fasting approach can enhance cognitive performance, give the digestive system a break, and promote weight loss. Various perspectives and ideas exist on the most effective method to break a fast. Some people say you should only drink water, while others believe drinking … Read more

Does Mio Break a Fast?


Mio is frequently advertised as a healthy beverage option. However, the question arises: can it disrupt a fasting period? We will dive into the composition of Mio to determine if it indeed interrupts fasting and explore any potential side effects it may have. Once we have all the information, you can make up your own … Read more

Does Alcohol Break a Fast?

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Numerous myths and misunderstandings surround the practice of fasting. A frequently asked question is if consuming alcohol interrupts the fasting period. The short answer is yes, alcohol does break a fast. However, there are some things you need to know before you start drinking during your fast. In this blog post, we will discuss the … Read more

Does Coffee Break a Fast?

There are numerous rumors and myths circulating about coffee. While some individuals argue that it’s harmful to your health, others believe it possesses incredible health advantages.  One thing is for sure: coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world! In this blog post, we will explore the topic of coffee and fasting. … Read more

Does LaCroix Break a Fast?

A significant discussion is currently underway regarding the impact of LaCroix on fasting, and whether it disrupts it. Some people say that the bubbles in the drink are enough to break your fast, while others believe that you’re good to go as long as you’re drinking water. So, what’s the verdict? Does LaCroix break a … Read more

Does Flavored Coffee Break a Fast?

There’s a lot of gossip circulating about the consumption of flavored coffee while fasting. Many argue that it’s permissible to enjoy flavored coffee during fasting periods, while some contend that it disrupts the fast. So, what’s the truth? Does flavored coffee break a fast? This blog post will explore the topic and provide some answers! … Read more

Does Pickle Juice Break a Fast?

If you enjoy consuming pickles, you might question whether drinking pickle juice constitutes breaking your fast. Given that pickles are essentially a form of food, it logically follows that their juice would have some caloric content. Nonetheless, the response to this query might be slightly more complex. While pickle juice does contain some calories and … Read more